08 January, 2010

I'm an idjit.

Uff ya! Finally, somebody left a comment on my wee blog and....I somehow deleted it.
And it was a positive comment!
To that anonymous soul I say, "Sorry."

Swift, Aliens, Poverty & Elvis

Book learnin' of the moment: The Satirical Essays of Jonathan Swift
Recently watched: Avatar (or, as many have noted, Dances with Aliens/Smurfs). My reaction, "Meh." Did love all the marine life they they referenced in the visuals though. And, love this.

Some articles of note (at least for me):
Which Poverty-Fighting Policies Work? J-PAL Has the Answer (from FastCompany)

What Makes a Nation Rich? One Economists Big Answer (from Esquire)

Happy birthday, Elvis, wherever you are. Uh huh uh.