17 February, 2008

Kar Var

Our second day of snow is almost over and it seems our third is on the way. I can hear the crackling of the snow on my window, intermittent, like the squalls that have broken over the city throughout the day. After work, I wandered around the city, bracing against winds that nearly blew me over and pellets of snow that stung my eyes, and had a wonderful time. Walking in the general direction of home I turned into Gulhane Park, green and cool in summer under the towering cottonwoods and now buried in snow and slush. Halfway through the park I stopped and turned back in the direction I'd come to find the blowing snow had left shapes that looked like bold white spines down the windward sides of the trees. Balancing carefully all day atop the snow covering the streets and sidewalks, providing little traction in the morning and simply facilitating falling later in the day, I am exhausted. I wonder what tomorrow will bring...

PS: New photos up at Flick (see button on the R. of your screen and click).