17 May, 2008

More mud slung at Almontaser

I was sad to see her opponents have stooped to a new low. It's really disheartening to see people so bound and determined to ruin a person. And what could possibly be the end result they are seeking? They have already forced her from her job and helped derail the school. What's the goal here, really?


15 May, 2008

Ibn Arabi in Istanbul

I am just curious if anyone else out there plans to attend the Ibn Arabi conference in Istanbul next weekend (May 23-25). It is organized by the Istanbul branch of the Turkish Women's Cultural Association (TURKKAD). There's no fee to attend and the speakers will include scholars from around the world. You can download the program here. See you there.


14 May, 2008

Spring has sprung

Despite the fact that we're closing in on June, it still feels like early spring here. The weather has been cool and lovely and things seem to still be hatching. Speaking of which, I have my very own Discovery Channel special unfolding across the sokak. A pair of seagull chicks are out of the nest on the roof across from my window. They and their folks are providing me with endless entertainment. I suspect I am one of a small few for who watching a bird regurgitate a fish is a beautiful thing.