13 February, 2010

Laissez les bon temps rouler!

I have the two coolest, most wonderful librarians working my neighborhood branch.
Not only do they help direct me to some really amazing, obscure films and music...not only do they like to hang out and talk...and they're both great musicians...

Today they beaded me for Mardi Gras with a strand of jaw breaker-sized purple beads hefty enough to use as a defensive weapon. Just for stopping by to pick up the copy of Network I had on hold. I mean, how many of you have Mardi Gras-celebrating librarians?

Alas, no gumbo party this year to match the one I threw while living in Istanbul.

Beware the Snowpocalypse!

Three weeks until I depart Tejas for Egypt and Turkey. Luckily, I'll have my passport in case Texas secedes from the U.S. whilst I'm gone. There's a lot of work to be cranked out between now and then. I am in need of some fun and frivolity. Other than Hawaii, we seem to be the only part of the U.S. not buried in snow at the moment. Given this photo, we should be thankful.
To my friends and family shoveling out: beware the snow Daleks, people!