05 June, 2007

Bottom time, finally

I knew it had been awhile since I'd been diving, but 5 years is far too long!

While visiting Om-Taromeet last week in parched S. Florida I finally got to go diving after a long dry spell of my own. I've been diving since I was very young and this had been the longest I'd been out of the water. Very sad. I've always believed that my being born human is a bit of a cosmic joke because I am so much more at home in the water.

Last week I was even blessed with flat seas, good visibility, and mild current (we drift dive where I come from). I used to work on dive boats and had suffered my fair share of divers returning to the sport. I was actually a little nervous heading to the dock. Just because you flash an instructor's c-card doesn't mean you're not a total muppet. I am happy to report, at least in regards to diving, I am not a muppet. Seeing the sharks, eels, and turtles (1 Hawksbill, 1 Green, and several gigantic Loggerheads with heads like bowling balls) was like visiting old friends. I just had to write something because I am still blissed about it. No more long dry spells from here on out. It's bad for my gills.


03 June, 2007

Go Shoot Wafaa Bilal

Iraqi-born artist Wafaa Bilal is almost finished with his instillation/residency, Domestic Tension, at FLATFILEgalleries in Chicago. He's been living in the gallery and at the mercy of web surfers who take aim at him online since May 4th. The virtual paintball game is intended to draw attention to the constant lack of stability and security that are the hallmarks of life in Iraq these days. He'll leave the studio Monday, June 4 at 5pm CST. Go take a look.