20 October, 2007

Saturday night on Istiklal


I've decided to let the rabbits handle all my major decisions in life.Sure you can have someone read your fortunes from tea leaves or coffee grounds, but I've decided to put my faith in another source of divination - rabbits.

Walk down Istiklal Caddesi and you will see a few old men here and there, tucked in niches that create eddies in the crowds, standing beside tiny tables bearing some sort of box with small scraps of paper sprouting from it and three rabbits. Yes, real, live fuzzy bunnies. My understanding is you pay the man and he lets the bunnies have a go at picking through the scraps of paper, which are similar to the ones found in Chinese fortune cookies, only hand-written. The bunnies pluck the papers and the man hands you your fortune. I believe they may also be used like a Magic 8 ball, to help answer pressing questions and resolve life's many dilemmas. I've included two photos here from the internet.

I will take photos of my advisory council when I stop in for a consult sometime soon. In the meantime know that I will refer all questions from here on out to my three colleagues: Floppsy, Moppsy, and Cottontail. One Turkish friend referred to them as "Turkish life coaches". I'm not sure what my two dear friends in the U.S. who are life coaches will think of this. I just hope they don't find themselves outsourced to the rabbits in this new global economy. But, who knows how much better a world we might have if our leaders consulted the bunnies before making major policy decisions.