11 August, 2011

Random family photo (Maternal edition)

My grand-dad, no idea of the date (c.1930?), likely in his hometown of New Orleans.

Random family photo (Paternal edition)

Guy on left, speaking into mike (dark suit), is my grandfather. Guy next to him on the right, in the grey suit? Anyone?
Banner over the door is a big hint.

More dispatches from the front lines of the REAL crisis (JOBS, you numpties!)

Here are excerpts from an email received from a very good friend and fellow MSW grad today. I think about him a lot because he has far more on his shoulders than I: small child, mortgage, car payments...And with his wife employed full-time in a good job, they can't just pull up stakes to follow a job like I can.

He's a brilliant guy with tons of experience and now a graduate degree.
All the right moves, yes?
And still no job.
"I wish I could at least get started (before my fucking 40th Birthday in September).  In my worst nightmares, I never dreamed that I would still be looking for work at this point.  I would say "a job instead of "work", but "work" meets my sentiments better.  When I need a "pick me up", I read through all of the rejection emails and letters.

I have had a few interviews, but received three rejection calls last week.  I am truly scared because soon another 75+ MSSW students will graduate in the next two weeks...

I know I sound whiny and I guess I am, but I have not called any friends (or emailed much either) because I am embarrassed to be still unemployed."

08 August, 2011

Still lives

In between job searches I am finally getting around to scanning photos from my mom and dad's families. Most of the ones I have are from dad's side, left to me by my wonderful great-aunt before she passed away while I was in college. Most of those are from my great-grandmother, pictured above when she graduated from Mary Hardin Baylor College in Texas, and include some really neat photos of her life in Tucson, Arizona with my great-grandfather in the very early years on the 20th century. Might share some. I think they're pretty fascinating and not just because it's family.