19 December, 2009

Copenhagen - FAIL

Even before this thing started, I sort of knew this is where it would lead. It's still very disappointing. Some called it a "sound beginning". A little late for beginnings, no? Getting two people to agree on pizza toppings causes enough hand wringing (nobody else likes anchovies?). Getting nearly 200 countries to agree on the future of the planet...? Basically, we have a document agreeing that there's a problem and there's a line we shouldn't cross related to said problem, but we'll all have to trust each other with how each of us keeps from crossing that line.
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"From the evidence of the last two weeks, I would say we have a heck of a long way still to go if, as a species, we are to avoid the fate that usually afflicts populations that outgrow their resources," said Prof. Andrew Watson, East Anglia University