20 April, 2008

Apologies and a first in Turkey

The tulips are dropping their boldly colored petals, I've been able to put away my winter clothes, and the days are now extending into the eight o'clock hour...summer's coming. It's another beautiful day here and I am on the 12 floor of an ugly, poorly ventilated high rise in the highly unattractive industrial section of town.

Sorry I've been negligent. I took a full-time copy editing job at the major English daily newspaper here. Of course, "full-time" in Turkey means 60 hours a week, six days a week. We'll see how long I last. The upside of this job is that I got to write a small piece for an expats column, my first piece published in Turkey. It was well-received and they want another for this Friday. Ok, all things considered, I might prefer a full weekend to getting published. Really. I am working on some deep ruminations to post here about decisions I've made about life, the world, and such. I ridiculously hope somebody out there will respond to them.

Anyway, I have to get back to defending the English language.

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